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We get many questions about the different types of gaming options that are available today, so here is the first article one mobile casinos and how it all started. We will also list some resources to some different and helpful mobile gambling sites.

A History of Mobile Casinos & Resources

mobile-casino-gaming No mobile casino would ever be around if it were not for the many steps that gambling has taken over the course of our history. From the Chinese who first had casinos or gambling houses recorded as far back as 2300 BC to Charles Fey who invented the first slots machine back in 1887. Nor would the mobile casino be here if it were not for the online casinos that followed in 1994. It was these casinos and inventions that have paved the way for the mobile casino we see today on our iPhones and Android tablets. With the advent of mobile technology, it was inevitable that online casinos and games companies would transition to, or add mobile gaming to their already vast selection of games and software.

Over the past few years, smart phones and tablets have become increasingly user friendly, accessible and have presented a great opportunity for mobile casinos and games to integrate with these devices, allowing the player to gamble online anywhere in the world. With nothing but a mobile phone and a wireless connection, you can download casino software, install and play to your heart’s content, anywhere and anytime. The future truly is in mobile gaming and this is an exciting time.

When the first mobile casinos arrived in 2003, they took the world by storm and became massively popular overnight. With the graphics capabilities of mobile phones and tablets increasing all the time, the mobile casinos are taking advantage of the processing capabilities and generating some truly remarkable software for players to enjoy.

Some new companies were born that focused entirely on mobile gaming as their platform of choice and the only way in which to access their casinos, while other much larger and renowned online casinos decided to add mobile casino software to their already huge selection of PC or Laptop based software and games. Mega names in online gaming such as JackpotCity and Lucky Nugget were some of the first and the most accepted by the mobile gaming community due to their already well proven dedication to fair play in the online gaming space.

It was in late 2003 when a consultant group called Alexander Resources predicted the word-wide revenue for mobile casinos would reach 16 billion US dollars by the year 2008. He based a lot of this prediction on the capabilities of the 3G wireless devices that had just hit the market. But there is no way they could have accounted for the 2006 United States prohibition of internet based gambling and so the figures were rather far off.

In 2009, it was reported that the global mobile gaming revenue was sitting at something closer to 4.7 billion US dollars. Although this was still a huge amount considering the laws passed in the US and the loss of revenue from one of the biggest gaming communities on the globe, it is still a fair amount of money to be made for such a growing platform.

The next prediction made in 2010 by Jupiter Research, says that the total wagered amount on mobile casinos by the year 2015, will surpass 48 billion US dollars. This is due to the massive growth in mobile phones, mobile tablets and the ever innovative technologies that accompany such a burgeoning and hungry market.

By March of 2011, you could count the number of mobile casinos available for players to choose from and download on mobile platforms at approximately a hundred.  And it is still growing today as many companies, software and casino related, are getting a glimpse of just how impassioned the mobile gaming community is, demanding ever more games, better graphics and more realistic sounds.

Resources :

Gambling Help Websites

Is a free counselling available for people that have problems with video gaming and gambling problems. You can get help in your location in a good way. a goverment online gambling help website, get help for your self or someone you care about.

Responsible Mobile Casino Sites - they have a responsible mobile casino gambling policy and ONLY list licensed mobile casinos .

The same with this website they review fully licensed and legal mobile casinos witch can be helpful if you want to be safe and secure when gaming. gaming news  Google news is a good place to get the latest news for gaming on smartphones and mobiles

Final words from

There is no doubt that mobile casinos are the way of the future. They might not replace online casinos or brick and mortar casinos by any stretch of the imagination, but they will surely take an equal seat the table.


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